I’m New

Misa Guadalupe is the Spanish-language, Latino-Anglo community of St. Luke Church. This community brings together various groups seeking a healthy, progressive, and inclusive place to practice their faith. This community is for those who share some connection with the Spanish language, culture, life experience and spiritual traditions, and who have a shared desire for an Episcopal community that makes sense for in their present time and contemporary context.

Newcomers will see a diverse population in terms of ethnicity and culture, praying and working together toward God’s mission and doing God’s work. They will able to observe that unity is possible as Jesus’s dream for unity in John’s Gospel: “so that they may be one, as we are one”. (John 17, 11).

At Misa Guadalupe, we are intentional in including five essential elements toward our ministry as represented in the Book of Acts, Chapter 2 : proclaiming the word of Jesus (kerygma); the activity of teaching (didache); the coming together to pray and the breaking of bread (leiturgia); engagement in the community (koinonia); and service to those in need (diakonia).

Our ministry expresses these five elements in cultural celebrations representing the pride and heritage of the Latino Culture in this country: Dia de Muertos, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Las Posadas, and Pastorelas in Christmastime, among others. Artistic expression of faith and spirituality events will be part of the around the year liturgical circle and we will design our liturgy accordingly. In these celebrations we offer new forms of worship rooted in our old Latin history and culture as a people and offer them to our brothers and sisters in the greater Episcopal community.

If you are interested in joining us, write to us, follow us on Facebook, join us for the upcoming “meet up” events to be announced on this website. Support us with your time or click on the “ways to support” link for more options.

We are a faith community that is alive and growing.  Tell us how you connect with this vision and what you envision for a faith community like ours.