The unclean spirit/ El espíritu inmundo

Mark 1:21-28  January 28, 2018 by the Rev. Alfredo Feregrino When I was in High School I read  the novel The Exorcist, written by William Peter Blatty in 1971, a novel that later was adapted into the classic 1973 film the Exorcist. I remember that I was stuck to the novel as my imagination sank […]

Friends/ Amigos

January 21, 2018 Mark 1:14-20 by Liberato Arellano The first time that I went to an Episcopal Church a few years ago, I was  immediately drawn to a woman who was preparing to serve at the altar, I have to confess that her image created an impact on my spirit,  then I saw the priest walking toward […]

Follow me/ Sígueme

Mark 1:14-20  January 21, 2018  by The Rev. Alfredo Feregrino Have you ever received an unexpected invitation? Something out of the blue? Something surprising that you did not expect? and in the end this invitation proved to be a transformative experience? I have a short story to tell you … When I was probably 9 […]

Come and see/ Ven y ve

John 1:43-51  January 14, 2018   by the Rev. Alfredo Feregrino Come and see… Have you ever thought about the social behavior of an ant? Yes, this social insect  belongs to a larger order of other insects such as wasps and bees. An ant superorganism has multiple colony members and operate as a unified entity, collectively […]

Are you a light that shines? /¿Eres una luz que brilla?

John 1:6-8,19-28   December 17, 2017  by The Rev. Alfredo Feregrino The other day someone asked me how I was doing and how my ministry was doing. And I said that it was a challenging time for me and I explained the reasons. When I finished my conversation I realized that  I was focusing more on  […]

Guadalupe Tonantzin 2017

December 11, 2017 Guadalupe Tonantzin by The Rev. Alfredo Feregrino The other day I had an interesting encounter, I was talking with a person who knew that I was ordained in the Episcopal Church and she asked me “as a priest what kind of message do you have for the people when we know that […]

All we have is the present/ Todo lo que tenemos es el presente.

Mark 13:24-37   December 3, 2017  First Sunday of Advent By The Rev. Alfredo Feregrino As part of the family tradition at our house in this Holyday season we always watch “Scrooge” which is a 1951 film adaptation of Charles Dickens’s novel:  “A Christmas Carol”. Como parte de la tradición familiar en nuestra casa en esta […]

We are all accountable/ Todos somos  responsables

Matthew 25:31-46  November 26, 2017 by The Rev. Alfredo Feregrino Throughout the Scriptures it is accepted that we all are accountable to each other and to God. Good deeds are always praised and evil deeds are always rejected. Simple. A lo largo de las Escrituras es comúnmente aceptado que todos somos responsables ante los demás […]

Risk your talents/ Arriesga tus talentos

Matthew 25:14-30    November 19, 2017  by  The Rev. Alfredo Feregrino I have a friend in the Real Estate business, in a recent conversation with him, he told me about one of his strategies to get clients and therefore make money. Tengo un amigo que está en  el negocio de bienes raíces, en una conversación reciente, […]

Keep awake / Manténganse despiertos

Matthew 25:1-3   Nov 12, 2017 by The Rev. Alfredo Feregrino “Keep awake therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour” (25:13) Manténganse despiertos pues no saben ni el día ni la hora. We have a big cat named Ozie that lives in our neighborhood, and he comes to visit us always. I love […]