About the Mission Developer

alfredo2My name is Alfredo Feregrino.

I was ordained as an Episcopal Priest on June 13, 2013. I obtained the Master of Divinity at the School of Theology and Ministry at Seattle University. I am originally from Mexico City, Spanish being my first language and I came to Seattle in 1992.

I am rooted in my culture of origin, but I would also say I have my branches, branches that reach out to new cultures. This reaching out has transformed me into a bicultural person. As a bicultural person, as I understand myself now, I have the experience of learning another culture, this incredible “melting pot” culture of the United States. I believe that I am a bridge builder and gatherer of people and I have the ability and gift of bringing people from different backgrounds together.

I affirm that “radical hospitality” and “inclusion” are the strongest theological connections in my ministerial identity and calling. I believe the task of inclusion within God’s church should be reaffirmed and centered on a model based on the inclusive hospitality of God where everyone is invited to God’s table and on the understanding of God as the source of all love, a love that is indiscriminate, abundant and unconditional.

This calling I see for myself and my vision of community is now manifesting in a new unique ministry that was born in August of 2013. We are now launching a new congregation to establish a bicultural bilingual Latino-Anglo congregation in a contemporary urban setting. This congregation began at St Paul’s Episcopal Church in the heart of Seattle and is intended to be a destination church for Latinos and includes their non-Latino friends, family, spouses and children. Now our church is located at St Luke’s Episcopal in Renton and we believe that Renton, because its Latino demographic and its strategic proximity to South-Seattle, Kent, Bellevue, Burien and SeaTac, is fertile ground for our ministry and it is a place where I sense Jesus himself intends to go with us.